Eligen a una especie de murciélago como el 'ave del año' en Nueva Zelanda y el concurso desata polémica en la Red 

They chose a species of bat as New Zealand’s ‘bird of the year’ and the contest is causing controversy online


November 1, 2021, 17:14 GMT

The organization responsible for the vote stresses that “there were no attempts at fraud” and states that the goal is to raise awareness about rare and endangered species.

A species of bat has been chosen as the ‘Bird of the Year’ in an annual competition held in New Zealand, which aims to raise awareness about rare and endangered species.

About long-tailed bat (‘Chalinolobus tuberculatus’) or ‘pekapeka-tou-roa’ (Maori), a species endemic to that country, according to the organization jungle and birds, responsible for the competition. Online voting peaked on October 31 with a total of 58,561.”Votes verifiedbroadcast from 100 countries.

“Pats to Roa” I got 7,031 votesWhile the second most voted parrot was a species of parrot with 4,072 points. Forest & Bird confirms that this is the first time they have chosen to include this.”indigenous mammals“In the competition,” they said from that organization, “the New Zealanders obviously love their native bat.”

These endemic bats are part of New Zealand’s biodiversity, but many people don’t even know they exist and Forest & Bird confirms that “there weren’t Fraud Attempts“electoral.

However, in social networks, the results of the New Zealand bird in 2021 teasing And critics, Remember that “A bat is not a birdSome netizens have qualified to the contest asfarce‘, it is included are asking Vote tally.

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