These are common but dangerous habits in the kitchen

These are common but dangerous habits in the kitchen

Nausea, diarrhea, fever, colic: When we hold on, theToxicity The food is not nice. to prevent us from doing so, New York Post offers The most common and also the most dangerous mistakes that appear daily in our cooking habits.

The most common and most famous mistake: not washing your hands. Cardinal’s rule a kitchenEspecially when dealing with raw meat. “It is common to take a spice jar and sprinkle it on the meat. So it could be contaminated with the flesh you just touched.warns Robert Gravani, professor emeritus at Cornell University. To ensure optimal washing, experts recommend using soap and hot water for twenty seconds. to reduce the risks radioactive contamination.

else Error To avoid: Rinse poultry in the sink. Although rinsing fruits and vegetables is always a good idea, the same is not true for this Meat raw. “Spray from the faucet can spread germs in your kitchen. In addition, washing chicken does not eliminate disease-causing bacteria.James Rogers, director of food safety research at Consumer Reports. But don’t worry about consumption: Your oven makes short work of dangerous microorganisms.

And if you choose a file to cook In the wok, remember not to handle raw and cooked meats in the same utensils. For example, when making bolognese sauce, change the spoon when the meat is almost done to prevent any contamination.

Keep eating better

to avoid digestive disorders, food Should be kept in good shape. Contrary to what one might think, it is not recommended to leave your meal to cool, or at least not to put it on the kitchen counter. Plus fresh food that was left out temperature The room for more than 2 hours must be cleared immediately, otherwise the bacteria Pathogens can begin to multiply.

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Also pay attention to how long the leftovers left in the fridge last for: it’s not unlimited. It is best not to exceed four days, at the risk of exposing yourself. And if you’re wondering, taste and smell it food To determine if it is still good or not. Just be sure to respect the indicated deadline.

In the same way, soaking or defrosting meat on the worktop should be prohibited. Germs can multiply rapidly at room temperature, making raw meat a breeding ground for bacteria. Put it in the fridge instead.Experts advise. And if you’re in a hurry, just use the microwave and you’re done.

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