These animals are unique

These animals are unique

There are thousands of species and subspecies. However, some animals, such as humans, do not have specific characteristics. We are alone.

The closest living relatives of humans, from a biological point of view, are chimpanzees, but while humans are classified as… Homo sapiensWhich puts us in this genre HomoChimpanzees belong to this genus Explosion. All other known members of this species Homo They’ve been extinct for a long time, likeNeanderthalotherwise known as Neanderthal man.

“Reconstructing the tree of life is complex and can hold exciting surprises,” he explains. Alex Dornberg, from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. “New information can instantly change our understanding of relationships [inter-espèces] “For example, DNA analysis has revealed that some animals long thought to be closely related were not in fact closely related, and vice versa.”

In addition, defining “genre” itself can sometimes be difficult. according to Isaac Miller Cruz“Bacteria can take up genes from their environment, blurring the boundaries between different species,” said Dr., a doctoral student at the University of Texas at Austin.

Even though we took different paths to get there, what other animals found themselves alone, and are now unique in their own way?

The aardvark appears to be related to many animals, and was once thought to be in the same family as the anteaters, due to their diet, where the aardvark is primarily plant-eating.

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