These 10 songs make us happy according to science

These 10 songs make us happy according to science

Analyzing brain activity and supporting mathematical formulas, Dutch researchers have developed an equation for happiness in music. It stimulates memory, calms our fears and gives us well-being. To delight the minds of music lovers and cultivate happiness in music, the team at Dr.. Jacob GoligA cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Groningen has compiled a list of 10 songs that make us smile.

‘feeling energetic’

Even more impressively, listening to these songs can “subconsciously evoke a feeling of energy,” as the British site neuroscientist identifies. Use the middle finger [une classe de gammes diatoniques] Our joyful looks Ears, this is something we associate with confidence.”

This is how musical notes build melodies that work on the listeners’ brain and put them in a good mood. Here are the songs that make us happy:

  • Don’t stop me now, queen
  • The dancing queen, oppa
  • Good Vibrations, Beach Boys
  • Uptown Girl, Billy Joel
  • Eye of the tiger, survivor
  • I’m a believer, Monkees
  • Girls just want to have fun, Cyndi Lauper
  • Living in Prayer, Bon Jovi
  • I will survive Gloria Gaynor
  • Walking on sunlight, Katrina and waves

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