There are no modern firearms or vehicles, for that –

There are no modern firearms or vehicles, for that –

Techland recently answered a number of players’ questions regarding the Death light 2. Specifically, lead game designer Tymon Smektala explained some new details to the horror game, pointing out inside the adventure. We will not find firearms or modern vehicles to drive. Here are all the details.

Smectala explained that in Dying Light 2, we will basically have to face a ‘world war’. Civilization has now been destroyed and there is no longer anyone who is capable of making professional firearms. We will then have access to bows and other long-range weapons, but real bullets will be scarce. In fact, we will be able to create a rifle using resources, But it would be a weak weapon that breaks after a few uses.

Dying Light: Melee and Parkour will be key

However, the rifle is a very interesting weapon at that It can be equipped in the left hand, while it carries a blade in the rightIn this way, different combat strategies can be created. So Dying Light 2 will not limit the possibilities of our game by removing modern firearms, it will make the engagements more detailed and varied.

Moreover, we are told There will be no drivable vehicles inside Dying Light 2: The main way to move will be parkour like the first game. Also, we’re still talking about the movement system, it has been made clear that there will be a grappling hook that will make us more like “Tarzan, more than Spider-Man”.

Finally, we point out that Dying Light 2 has become very complex, and Techland has cut an advantage.

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