Then Joseph Parker called Dillian White or Joe Joyce: "I can hit any of them!"  |  Sky News boxing news

Then Joseph Parker called Dillian White or Joe Joyce: “I can hit any of them!” | Sky News boxing news

Former champ Joseph Parker anticipates fighting in the UK this fall and summons British giants Dillian White and Joe Joyce.

It’s part of his three-step plan to win the heavyweight title again after signing a new promotional deal with BOXXER.

“I believe with all my heart that I can become world champion again. I know there are a lot of supporters and I know there are a lot of skeptics but I don’t care,” Parker said. sky sport.

“I will fight any heavyweight out there, whoever it is. I want to fight the biggest and fiercest heavyweights because I know what I can do when I have a good camp and mentally focus on the fight.”

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Former World Heavyweight Champion Joseph Parker has shown that he can combine the mysterious speed of a hand with devastating power

Parker White has fought before but insists he can avenge that loss. “Dillian White is another great fight, he just lost to Tyson Fury but we had a really good fight in 2018, a very entertaining fight and a very close fight. If we bring him back, I will beat him,” Parker said.

“Dillian White has been fired a few times now, but that doesn’t mean he has a weak chin, it just means the guys who fought him have thrown some good, well-timed, hard punches.”

This is what the New Zealander intends to do. “I know I can punch anyone, I have to put that punch in. I know I haven’t shown it lately, but the time will come when I start hitting the big punches,” he said.

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It includes strong Londoner Joe Joyce in this category. “He shook several times and said if I did everything right in the training camp, I prepare as best I can and do everything right, [I can]. I know there is a lot to offer and more to show. I just need more time with Andy Lee [Parker’s trainer]Parker said, “I need more time in the UK to work on these things.” I can do business on Joe Joyce. »

This is a battle currently being discussed. “It’s a fight that can happen, a Joe Joyce fight. I know Ben Shalom [Parker’s new promoter] He’s in talks with Frank Warren and his team and Joe Joyce and his team, so we can have a fight. »

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Ben Shalom confirms Boxxer has signed a long-term deal with Joseph Parker and Sky Sports

Joyce is an attractive contest on its own, but hitting it would make Parker mandatory for the WBO Championship belt held by Oleksandr Usyk.

Parker trained with Andy Lee in camp with heavyweight leader Tyson Fury. But if Whyte pulled out of the April challenge against Fury, Parker was about to step in. Tyson put him on standby.

“During camp, when he talked about it, I stayed prepared and I stayed prepared,” Parker explained. “Look how I succeeded, see how I moved. If Whyte doesn’t show up, I’ll have the chance to fight for the world title and get well paid. You paid me to stay ready so he took care of me both ways.”

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Parker also expects Fury’s retirement to be short-lived. “When you’re world champion, when you’re at the top of your game, it’s very hard to walk away from the sport knowing you can still give more,” Parker explained.

“It would take a lot of money to get him back into boxing and in the ring and fight. I don’t think he should retire. I think the winner should fight to get out of [Anthony] Joshua and [Oleksandr] Usyk and whoever wins is the best in the world now so he must come back and fight the winner. »

Joseph Parker
Joseph Parker is determined to become the heavyweight champion again

He thinks it will be a knockout rage, against one or the other. “They are both great fighters, Joshua and Usik, I just see that Tyson is too much for them. Everyone will say I’m biased because I train with Tyson and we are very close. If I go back as a friend and think about boxing, he will have a lot, and is able to push , able to fight with the back foot, and really good movement.” “If he had the chance to fight one of those guys, I think he would knock them out. »

Despite his friendship with Fury, he is determined to return to a higher level himself. “It was one of my goals to be a world champion and I made it happen, thanks to everyone who contributed to get there. But this time I want to become a champion and I’m doing it for myself and my family,” he said. “I feel like the passion and drive is so much more than I had before.

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“I can’t really say how things are going, but I count two or three fights and then I can do it all over again.”

“I can’t wait to get back to fight my best fights, and I can’t wait to get back to the UK,” Parker added. “The fans there are the best I’ve seen.

“September, October, we have something on our way very soon.”

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