Thematic moon: Irish woman traveling in space in 2023!

Thematic moon: Irish woman traveling in space in 2023!

If the Irish are known as a great traveling people, there is a destination that still eludes them: space! Well, that will soon be fixed thanks to Rhiannon Adam, 37, a London photographer but born in Cork, who is one of eight artists and creatives handpicked by billionaire businessman and Japanese art collector Yusaku Maezawa who will accompany him to be part of the first civilian flight to the Moon, due in 2023.

”DearMoon” project

Project Title Dear MoonThe trip is expected to take place next year Starshipa missile developed by SpaceX by Elon Musk.

In 2018, Japanese billionaire businessman Yusaku Maezawa bought all the seats aboard the rocket as part of an effort to “give as many talented people as possible the opportunity to go” on the flight.

From a million requests from people around the world, eight crew members were chosen, including Adam.

The first Irish in space

By choosing your project Dear MoonRhiannon Adam will be the first Irishman in space.

She will be joined by Indian television actor Dev Joshi, documentary filmmaker Brendan Hall, American music producer Steve Aoki, South Korean rapper Top, American content creator Tim Dodd, Czech choreographer Yemi AD and photographer Karim Elia.

“I am so excited to have these amazing people join me on my journey to the Moon and I can’t wait to see the inspiring creations they will create in space,” Maezawa said in a statement.

As part of this journey, Starship will complete a week-long voyage during which it will orbit the Moon before returning to Earth.

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