THEATER – Severe hard jabs Espace Benoit Grollet March 3, 2023 Kimberly Kimberly Kimberly.

Theater – big strokes from the frying pan

3 Avenue du Coat-Kaër Espace Benoîte Groult Quimperlé Finistère Espace Benoîte Groult 3 Avenue du Coat-Kaër
2023-03-03 – 2023-03-03
Espace Benoîte Groult 3 Avenue du Coat-Kaër


Written by Vivienne Loroux.
A play performed by Comédia for the Mexico Lindo Society.

Marie and Arnaud planned to celebrate their wedding anniversary as a family. They are invited, Sonia, Marie’s sister and Monique, Arnaud’s sister. But when you run into the police on your way to get olives and you have something to blame yourself for, there is cause for concern, right?
What was supposed to be a quiet family reunion quickly turns into an evening full of panic!

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Espace Benote Groult 3 Avenue du Coat-Kaër Quimperlé
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