The year 2023 under the sign of artificial intelligence

The year 2023 under the sign of artificial intelligence

What a year for artificial intelligence! This concept, born in the 1950s, has not been around at all, including among ordinary people, since the launch of OpenAI's conversational agent, ChatGPT, on November 30, 2022.

In one year, innovations, related or not to the generative models that ChatGPT is an image of, have made headlines: economic (with fierce competition between incumbents and startups), political (with the European level negotiating regulation of AI technologies), or judicial (with trials related to respect for copyright) or even societal (for or against the use of ChatGPT in school?)…

In research laboratories, too, brains are overheating.

In health, our May file includes a non-exhaustive inventory of initiatives aimed at predicting, by image, the possibility of liver transplantation. Or to identify early heart defects in the fetus. In May, Google and its subsidiary DeepMind announced that responses from… Their MedPaLM-2 software for medical questions They were judged better by humans than by real doctors.

The program “The Little Chemist”.

In July, a team from the University of Washington applied the image generation principles used by the popular Midjourney or Stable Diffusion tools to obtain… New protein structures Maybe it has biological interests.

Just this summer, two projects from Stanford University and the University of California at San Francisco gave speeches to patients disabled thanks to brain implants and translated their signals into sound. In October, the Meta team appeared to read minds, by reproducing images seen by guinea pigs using magnetic resonance imaging in particular.

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In November, DeepMind scored twice in reviews science And nature,thanks A Weather simulation for ten daysFaster than today's supercomputers, and using a “mini-chemistry” program. Hundreds of thousands of new bullion were planned Potentially interesting.

2023 also saw progress in envisioning adaptive optics for telescopes to detect copyrighted content. Winning the strategy game of diplomacyl Drones or Get the ball out of the maze…according to Annual report “State of Artificial Intelligence”Scientific publications are increasing in all fields: medicine, chemistry, but also economics, physics and mathematics. Logo “Artificial Intelligence for Science” It spreads everywhere.

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