The world in Piazza de Siena

The world in Piazza de Siena

Members. In the race, which represents all five continents, with about 210 horses, there will be 90 riders and Amazons from 20 countries: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China Taipei, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, the United States, Sweden, Switzerland. Leading the world’s # 1 ranked acting cast, Swiss Steve Gordat: 2012 Olympic Champion, three-time World Cup winner and world ranking leader in the past two years, recently won first Grand Prix CSI5 * opened in France. ‘In 2021, then repeat the victory last Sunday at CSI4 * in Gorla Minore. In addition to Guerdat, the list of participants includes four of the top ten others in the FEI ranking: Swiss Martin Fox (No. 3), American Kent Farrington (No. 7), Britain’s Scott Brash (No. 8) and Irish Darag Kenny (No. 10).

The Italians. There are 36 blue knights who are called Piazza de Siena. Here is the full list: Nations Cup team – Emanuele Gaudiano (on Chalo), Julia Martinengo Marqué (on Elsace), Luca Marziani (about lightning), Ricardo Pisani (on Chaglot); Individuals involved in the GP – Antonio Alfonso, Emilio Picucci, Filippo Bolognese, Fabio Brotto, Bergiorgio Pucci, Lorenzo de Luca, Emmanuel Camele, Antonio Maria Garofalo, Giampiero Jarofalo, Roberto Torchetto, Francesco Tortorillo, Alberto Zorzi; Individuals without participating in a GP – Giacomo Casade, Federico Cerici, Michael Cristofoletti, Guido Franchi, Guido Grimaldi, Nico Lupino, Andrea Messero, Ludovica Minoli, Paolo Payne, Filippo Tabarini; Individuals on a “small tour” – Gianluca Apolloni, Lorenzo Cordido, Federico Francia, Angelica Imbronta, Eugenio Grimaldi, Alessandro La Comare, Pasquale Datina, Christian Feravanti, Filippo Martini from Cigala, Marco Pellegrino

Nations Cup. On Friday, 12 teams participated in the Intesa Sanpaolo Soccer Cup of Nations 28 teams representing 4 continents: Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Czech Republic, the United States and Sweden. Japan, Mexico and Egypt were long missing from the Roma Cup: respectively for 21, 53 and 67 years! Instead, the Czech Republic will make its debut: in the past there was only one participation, in 1930, by what was then Czechoslovakia.

the program. These are the details of the international competitions 88ºCSIO at Piazza di Siena: Thursday 27 10.30 am prize n. 1 DeNiroBoot (timing class, 145 pm; € 5,000), at Villa Borghese Galoppatoio; 1.15 pm Prize n. 2 (cat. In consecutive stages, 150; 12,000 euros); 4 pm prize n. 3 Land Rover (time class, time 155; 26,000 euros); Friday 28 – Eight in the morning prize n. 4 safe ride (cat. In successive stages, 145; 6000 euros), in Villa Borghese Gallopatio; 10.45 am Prize n. May 5 (time category, 155 hours; 26,000 euros); 2.30 pm Prize n. 6 Intesa Sanpaolo Cup of Nations (two-race cat, H. 160; € 200,000); Saturday 29 9.30 am prize n. 7 KEP Italia (cat. Accumulator with jokers, h. 150; € 10,000); Prize 12 o’clock n. 8 ENI Junior Grand Prix (mixed cat, 160 hours, € 95,000); Prize for 6 pm 9 loropiana six hurdles (Category 6 hurdles; € 20,000); Sun 30 Prize of 1.00 m. 10 Rolex Roma Grand Prix (two-stage cat, H. 160; € 400,000).

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