The world enters the longest “democratic recession”

The world enters the longest “democratic recession”

According to a report by IDEA International, this is the sixth year in a row that more democracies have been declining rather than advancing.

Democracy, a declining value in the world? This is what the IDEA International report, published on November 2, tends to show. We know that nearly half of the world’s countries are seeing a decline in their democratic system. “This is the sixth year in a row in which we have witnessed a greater number of democracies in decline than the number of democracies that are progressing.”“, points out Michael Rooney, co-author of the report. He adds that this trend represents the longest “Democratic recession” The organization has never noticed it since it began collecting data in 1975.

To produce these reports and assess the state of democracies around the world, the research center, which covers most of the world’s countries, uses several democratic indicators such as civil liberties, independence of the judiciary, and political participation. According to the report, “The foundations of democracy are weakening around the world.”problems “Ranging from flawed elections to restricted rights”. Of the 173 countries studied, 85 performed at least poorly “A key indicator of democratic performance over the past five years”.

Many coups in the African continent

Regarding representation, the report notes “significant decrease”Especially in the area of ​​elections and the proper functioning of parliaments, but also the principle of the rule of law, including the independence of judicial systems in countries. “We are also seeing a decline in historically successful democraciesFrom EuropeNorth America and Asia »“, confirms Michael Rooney. This wave of decline of democratic regimes at the global level can be explained, among other things, by the coups witnessed on the African continent.

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In the category of rights, the authors point out that freedom of expression and freedom of assembly have witnessed several declines, without being significant at the general level. With regard to the rule of law, improvements have been observed “After many years of stagnant levels of corruption”according to the report. “We see signs of hope in isolated countries around the world.” As is the case in Central Europe or on the African continent. “But overall, the picture remains very negative.”He concludes.

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