The whole truth of the collapse

The whole truth of the collapse

The major social networks collapsed yesterday. Even Whatsapp has collapsed due to the problems of the damned 11th of June.

Whatsapp (Adobe)

Whats’app, Facebook e Instagram Down in the late morning of Friday, June 11 across the country. Before 13 million users had a lot of trouble connecting to different apps. a lot of Reports From users who find it difficult to send messages, attachments, audio or video files, etc. Obviously, most users Literally panicked because of what happened.

Not yet Clear What is the cause of the damage. Of course, many users may have confused a file Problem With a lack of reference, as many testify Messages on different social networks. Perhaps they imagined that they had common communication problems, not many have investigated the matter in depth. Instead, the problem has been linked to historians a program Instant messaging and social networking.

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Whatsapp and other inaccessible social networks: panic social workers

earn social network
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Woe to whom are they? id True social addicts, staying for a few minutes without being able to connect to their favorite apps must be really hard. Scenes of hysteria imagined collective Later, on the same social networks for the minutes when it was not possible to interact, exchange opinions, ideas and everything that is publicly exchanged social. In short, the world stopped, for some, for a few minutes yesterday.

Reasons how much Event It is not yet clear, in fact it has not been made clear at all by the companies involved in Harm. All we know is that suddenly something no longer works and this is not the first time this has happened. In recent months, for example, a short circuit has occurred Appointment More than once, so without giving any clear warning first. They also get panic among users and a fair amount of criticism after the worst is over.

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Now everything is back to normal and It works like the previous. App crashes are just bad memory. Now everything is going well until the next unexpected negg collapse.

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