The Well’in Town, a pub that takes you to New Zealand in Orleans

The Well’in Town, a pub that takes you to New Zealand in Orleans

Julie (left), Christian (center) and Nicholas (right) opened a brew pub in July 2022. (© Nicolas Bontron / New Orleans)

17,000 km Separate Orleans (Loiret) from New Zealand. But Well’in Town (referring to Wellington, the capital) intends to honor him with its “brew pub”.

In this original downtown brasserie, it was kiwi (New Zealand bird), the country’s emblem, is present on the team members’ polo shirts and T-shirts.

that it Concept from the Pacific Ocean Which was reinvented by the owners: Christian, father, Nicola, son, and sister Julie. Here we consume beer produced directly in the home microbrewery around homemade dishes.

Brewing beer on site

In New Zealand, there are bars for alcoholic beverages. Kind of a bar where you can drink beer while eating a burger. In Orléans, we wanted to revisit this concept, adding to it what is most consumed in France.

ChristianCo-Director of Well’in Town

At the entrance, hidden behind a glass ceiling, is a large tank containing liters of beer. Near the kitchen there is another…

Beer Brewed on site, as in pubs in Wellington. inside, New Zealand jumped It gives it a unique taste.

Blonde “with citruses”, Belgian “cloister-like”, “beer sour” … there is something for all tastes and colors! The owners also offer customers other types of beer, made by local breweries.

Italy is not too far away…

A Christian in front of one of the facility's basins.
A Christian in front of one of the facility’s basins. (© Nicolas Bontron / New Orleans)

In addition to burgers, Pizza is available on the menu.

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Christian, former director of golf at Sancerre Scheer, who trained with a great Italian pizza maker in Naples, before gaining similar experience at… Northern Italy.

“We combined two manufacturing methods. It had to be close to what people like here. But now that we’re starting, I’m not behind the stoves much anymore,” smiles the father of the family.

The story begins in the year 2019

Back in 2019. Christian’s son Nicholas is traveling with his partner in New Zealand.

Rugby and its fame Itchfollower natural views Amazing learningEnglish… This former heritage management professional falls in love with the country and its people.

There he frequents, by chance, one New Zealand drinks pubs.

There is at least one for each city. The people there are very respectful and nice. Overtime, you can come across men in suits chatting with the workers.

Nicholas Well’in Town Co-Director

The Frenchman was also surprised to see “customers with dirty shoes Take off your shoes at the entrance before going for a beer.

In Well’in Town in Orléans, he does not demand much from his clients but seeks creativity Similar atmosphere.

Once he returned from his trip at the end of 2019, Nikola told his relatives about his project. Covid allows him to mature his thinking during an experience beer brewing.

“There are a lot of them that ended up in the sink because they weren’t edible, but now I’m healthy,” jokes the Well’in Town owner.

Strong experience in catering

In the field of catering, he already has a wealth of seasonal experience in an establishment in Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire (Nièvre), which belonged to his father.

His sister, Julie, invested in Well’in Town, and also worked there.

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“Working as a family isn’t hard. We just want to do Nice and friendly placewith good products to consume, ”Christian confirms.

elegant decoration

Pictures of Nikola's trip are displayed on the walls.
Pictures of Nikola’s trip are displayed on the walls.

To do this, take care of the owners Decoration.

The facade was repainted blue, and the tables and chairs were made of wood. affiliate green plants They are also installed throughout the facility.

The decor is very similar to the one in New Zealand. It makes Comfortable and fun place Nicholas continues.

On the walls, the Well’in Town chief also hung photos of his trip. As if to honor his favorite homeland.

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