The use of antipersonnel mines is at the center of the controversy

The use of antipersonnel mines is at the center of the controversy


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Article written by Chalvron, A.da Silva, Revelateurs, FTV – France 2

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The NGO Human Rights Watch warned Ukraine against using antipersonnel mines because they were banned and the Ukrainian stockpile should have been destroyed.

cityisium, released by Ukrainian forces in September 2022, has been investigated. In fact, researchers from the NGO Human Rights rights I saw and found antipersonnel mines, such as the so-called “butterfly” mines. These are things no more than ten centimeters long that cause an explosion when someone steps on them. Human Rights Organization rights Watch believes that the mines found were used by the Ukrainian military.

Fifty civilians were wounded

It is estimated that around 50 civilians were injured by antipersonnel mines in the areaisium. Victims sometimes have to have their limbs amputated after being hit by a mine. International law prohibits the use of antipersonnel mines, and Ukraine has signed an agreement guaranteeing their removal. Ukraine has not officially denied its use, though it claims to respect it its international obligations.

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