The University of Poitiers opens its own scientific mediation space

The University of Poitiers opens its own scientific mediation space

Tuesday, May 28, 2024,University of Poitiers A new “scientific mediation space” was opened. It is integrated into the ground floor of the Hotel Chaboureau, in the center of Poitiers, where the Faculty of Social Sciences is located, and must disseminate scientific culture to the general public.

The President of the University of Poitiers, Virginie Laval, provided the space “With passion”He spoke to the fifty people present “Project Historian”produced in collaboration with “About a hundred researchers”.

The latter will allow “Highlighting scientific culture”which has been defined “Above all through research”. For her, scientific work “It's not meant to stay there [les] laboratories “ A must place “Highlight the entire work [d’entre eux] » To allow “Dialogue between past and present”.

“Enabling the free flow of knowledge” And “Forming a critical mind in everyone”It is also the goal of scientific mediation and therefore this space that he wants to give “Better understanding of contemporary issues”.

“Enabling the free flow of knowledge”

It is divided into four areas, each dedicated to a scientific field, displaying objects and offering audio-visual and graphic creations as well as activities related to the subject. “Main research topics at the university”Such as humanities, literature, art, economics, law, engineering, medicine and even sports.

It is possible, among other things, to smell the scents of the ancient Greeks, touch materials that are more or less efficient against fire, or test one's strength to compare it with the French swimming champions.

The university was rewarded for promoting the research

This inauguration comes three years after the University of Poitiers received an award in 2021 Slogan: “Science with and for society.” Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

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This mark is issued for a period of three years, and it rewards universities that… “Enhancing research for all audiences”, “Training in mediation, communication and scientific approach” And highlight “Scientific expertise and citizen participation in research”.

Partnerships with local stakeholders were also highlighted: the university collaborates with the Center National de la Recherche Scientifique, Inserm, Ensma, Espace Mendès-France and TAP, but also with the Presidency of the University of Poitiers, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the Grande Poitiers Community. The goal remains the same: to make the work scientific “Closer to everyone”.

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