The United States urges the country to return to the "democratic path"

The United States urges the country to return to the “democratic path”

the Tunisia A senior White House official told the president on Saturday that he must quickly return to the “road to democracy.”
Kais SaiedA few days after his seizure of executive power, most notably the suspension of Parliament for a month. In an hour-long call with the Tunisian president, the president’s national security advisor
Joe BidenJake Sullivan expressed his support for “Tunisian democracy based on basic rights, strong institutions, and a commitment to the rule of law,” according to a statement from the White House.

On July 25, Kais Saied suspended parliament for thirty days and dismissed Prime Minister Hisham al-Mashishi. He ordered a crackdown on corruption targeting 460 businessmen and an investigation into allegations of illegal political party financing. The US statement said that the appeal “focused on the urgent need for Tunisian leaders to outline a speedy return to the democratic track in Tunisia.”

“This will require the rapid formation of a new government headed by a competent prime minister in order to stabilize the Tunisian economy and deal with the Covid-19 pandemic,” the statement added. The country is paralyzed by an economic crisis marked by accelerated inflation and high unemployment, as well as a surge in coronavirus infections.

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