The United States relaunches its aid to Kiev with the first large arms shipment

The United States relaunches its aid to Kiev with the first large arms shipment

Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the law, which provides $61 billion in military and economic aid to Kiev, “will strengthen America's security and the security of the world.”


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Joe Biden delivers a speech at the Washington Hilton Hotel (United States), April 24, 2024. (ANNA MONEYMAKER / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP)

“It is an investment in our security.”Joe Biden announced after its release US aid plan for Ukraine. The US President announced, on Wednesday, April 24, that the first batch of military equipment worth one billion dollars will leave for Kiev. “In the next few hours”. These texts were voted on “It will make America safer and the world safer.”, He assured the head of state from the White House, While Congress adopted a major aid plan for Ukraine on SaturdayBut also to Israel and Taiwan.

The law provides for the provision of military and economic aid worth $61 billion to Kiev. “It will enhance America’s security and the security of the world.”The American President said, admitting that the legislative process was “difficult”. However, the elected Democrat welcomed the political consensus reached between his party’s parliamentarians and a certain number of Republicans, after months of negotiations on the text, which would allow the Republican Party to exit the European Union.Resuming US military aid, which had been halted for several weeks.

“Compensation for these six months of controversy and doubt.”

The law received very broad support in the US Senate on Tuesday, after it was approved a few days ago in the House of Representatives, the other component of the US Congress. “we Let us not abandon our allies, we support them. We do not allow tyrants to win, we oppose them. “We do not witness developments in the world as spectators, but rather we shape them.”He welcomed Joe Biden.

“We bow to no one, certainly not to Vladimir Putin.”

Joe Biden

In a speech broadcast on television

“No matter what anyone says, we are receiving the support we need, and it is essential for us to continue to protect lives from Russian attacks.”Reaction of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on. “Now we will do our best to make up for these six months of controversy and doubts.”He added, referring to the time it took Congress to approve the aid plan requested by Joe Biden.

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