The United States lacks reinforcements in the Red Sea

The United States lacks reinforcements in the Red Sea

Nearly a month after the launch of Operation Prosperity Guardian, this anti-Houthi naval coalition was established in mid-December, under pressure from the United States, in order to reduce the risk of the conflict spilling over into the Red Sea. Between Israel and Hamas, it has so far failed to obtain many reinforcements from the West, especially the Europeans. These hesitations have contributed to the isolation of the United States in the region, in the face of increasing Yemeni rebel attacks against civilian and military traffic.

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While 75% of European exports pass through the Suez Canal, located north of the Red Sea, and maritime traffic in the region has declined by 22% in recent weeks, the United Kingdom, a loyal military ally of Washington, hastened to deploy a destroyer to support the region. The new coalition. The UK is also the only European country to fully contribute to strikes on Houthi rebel positions on the night of 11 to 12 January.

Although the United States announced in December that it had the support of more than two dozen countries, reinforcements to the coalition have so far proven to be very limited, sometimes amounting to only a few additional officers: three Dutch. Two Canadians and two soldiers. About ten Norwegians. At the end of last December, Denmark announced the sending of a frigate “Before the end of January”However, this publication requires parliamentary approval.

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Italy also announced sending a ship to the Red Sea at the end of last December, before distancing itself from the anti-Houthi coalition. Like Paris and Madrid, which diverted a ship already operating in nearby areas (the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Hormuz), Rome wanted to maintain independent control of its ship. This allows the three European countries not to abandon Washington, while not outwardly showing support for Israel.

“Intelligent distribution of efforts”

A form of part-time assistance, as described by the General Staff of the French Army on Thursday 11 January. Consequently, France did not participate in the strikes on Houthi positions, although it is one of the few other countries with the military means adapted to such operations. Multi-mission frigate LanguedocThe ship currently in the Red Sea is carrying out rotating patrols in the areas designated by the Americans and escorting French ships at the request of the ship’s owners. “There is an intelligent distribution of information and efforts.”Vice Admiral Emmanuel Slarz, Commander of Operations in the Indian Ocean, confirmed Thursday. No submission to the American partner (…) But more means is always better.”However, the Admiral conceded, facing the ever-present risk of slippage in the region.

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