The trick with bitcoins made of silver

DrThe cryptocurrency boom, which was recently exacerbated by electric car maker Tesla’s investment in Bitcoin, appears to be producing exotic blooms. Online precious metal trading company Coininvest has now announced that it will acquire silver Bitcoin minted coins, which should enjoy the status of a real method of payment.

“With our limited edition, we are redefining the classic silver coin and creating a unique connection that is very attractive to precious metal investors as well as cryptocurrency investors,” said Daniel Marberger, managing director of the online precious metals platform, Coininvest, based in Frankfurt.

This seems unusual at first. What is behind it? How could Bitcoin, viewed so critically by local regulatory authorities, suddenly become a true method of payment? And why is an online platform allowed to mint the means of payment, that is, to keep the rack of coins as they were, as people used to forge them, especially in earlier times with precious coins?


Capital “B” and two clauses through: the new silver bitcoins

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An application from the company states that coins are in no way the official payment method for the Federal Republic of Germany, even though the company is based in this country. The whole thing is kind of a little trick. The company uses the state regulation of Niue Island. Niue, also known as “The Rock,” is an atoll country in the South Pacific Ocean, 2,400 kilometers northeast of New Zealand. The country is located south of Samoa and west of the Cook Islands. New Zealand has been linked to New Zealand with a partnership agreement since 1974.

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