The title after four consecutive victories

The title after four consecutive victories

Far from WRC, away from European competitions, Hayden Paddon He literally paved the New Zealand National Rally Championship, taking the title with one race. This was possible by winning four out of four rounds, the last of which was at the beginning of September. Coromandel Rally.

Badon’s Great Roadmap

Meanwhile, Al Raleigh Hawks Bay On the weekend of July 24, Paddon and his assistant John Kennard, On-board Hyundai i20 AP4 (a category that matches Rally2, in its own version of the competition in the Asia Pacific sector) swept by a nearly four-minute snippet of second seed, Robbie Stokes in a Ford Fiesta AP4. The scenario had already been seen in the previous three rounds, with nearly three and a half minutes over Ben Hunt’s Subaru WRX STI in victory in the South Canterbury, four minutes for the same discount marking Wangari And even a seven-and-a-half minute victory (in this case, Josh Marston over Holden Barina AP4) in the first round of the season. The Otago rally.

Almost complete victory for Badon and Hyundai in the New Zealand Rally Championship

In short, Baddon’s national title is overjoyed thanks to such an impressive record, not only for his streak of successes, but also for how he earned them. Now the championship knockout comes in September at Coromandel, as the crew will try to capture the five wins to give more prestige to the title, while the Championship Makers are still playing, chasing after them. Hyundai New Zealand. In the meantime, Badon Rally Sport, driver chassis, take the cup valid for the teams, and thus also includes the other young driver Ari Pettigrew.

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Not bad for a New Zealander who has been trying to get back into WRC since 2019, with unsuccessful results Because of a series of unfortunate circumstances. And on the one hand, he knows he wants to try again in the World Championships, maybe with a new Rally2 Like Hyundai i20 which will make its racing debut at the Ypres Rally in Belgium in mid-August (but it appears that some time ago there was contact with the Hyundai customer team 2C-competition, himself currently lining up at WRC Pierre-Louis Loubet), Paddon in recent years has given himself body and soul along with his team to achieve Hyundai Kona EV electrical assembly, practically. But who knows if the successes at home could revive New Zealanders’ quotes for WRC, or perhaps for some other prestigious series.

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