The tiny monocoque wants to revolutionize ocean racing

The tiny monocoque wants to revolutionize ocean racing

The Mini 6.50 Nicomatic flies above the waves thanks to its flasks that limit the drag of traditional unibody hulls. Ann Pogue

deviation – The Mini 6.50 Nicomatic manages to stay stable above the waves thanks to chips designed to stay effective even in heavy seas.

Since 2012 and the discovery of stunning images of a giant New Zealand catamaran soaring more than a meter above the waves off Auckland in preparation for the America’s Cup, sailing has given an incredible boost. A revolution brought by the flakes, and the large submerged dagger slabs generate lift like airplane wings and lift structures out of the water. Freed from the drag of its hull, the sailboat can reach incredible speeds.

For the America’s Cup, over stretches of water sheltered from the surf, boats are constantly buzzing, with tops reaching nearly 100 km/h. But for offshore racing, with sometimes stormy waves and day and night sails, getting the boats to fly is still a challenge. The latest Vendée Globe monohull already has large wafers protruding from each side of the hull like long whiskers and allowing the boat’s bow to be raised out of the water. But…

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