The time for sustainable work is running out, here is the regenerative business

The time for sustainable work is running out, here is the regenerative business

Posted on July 06, 2022

The goal of the regenerative project is to make humans and ecosystems live in harmony, producing without exhausting resources but renewing them. As a result, the system can reduce material use by more than 90% in many areas, according to Isabelle Delanoe, author of “The Symbiotic Economy.”

to avoid the trapCSR reports are longer and more delirious because the crimes they hide are so egregious“referred to”fleeing“From AgroParisTech, companies are concretely transforming their paradigm. To do this, some are adopting the concept of the renewable company.

This is an organizationMove away from linear and extractive economicsThese structures,” specifies Isabelle Delanoe, president of the Symbiotic Company, which has launched a training program on the subject.Replenishment of planetary balances and contribution to environmental service activities., and adds. “These models live today in all areas, and we have the ability to build an entire economy: from consumption to production through governanceenvironmental enthusiasm.

Industrial ecology

The author of The Symbiotic Economy Actes Sud lists many examples that contribute to the renewal of the environments on which they depend. The “industrial environment” model is one of them. This model encourages a closed-loop process between many companies, where a waste of some becomes a resource for others. The Kalundborg Symbiosis in Denmark is a show.

In this city, nine major public and private partners, including a refinery (Equinor, formerly Statoil), a biochemical production site (Novo Nordisk, another Danish giant), and a gypsum board factory (Gyproc, a subsidiary of France’s Saint-Gobain ) or the municipality cooperates in the midst of cultivated fields, forests, and dwellings. This unique ecosystem provides important resources and millions of euros to all players. A more significant model since 1970, which the coastal city and its partners have been able to adapt.

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The renewable company works not only on the environment, but also on social dimensions and governance, such as EDF, which is changing its governance. Energy Company employees are encouraged to contribute tangibly to the Group’s transformation by providing solutions that emerge from the field. To do this, all employees are trained on environmental and social challenges. Some are organized into groups and heard at the highest level of decision-making.

Creating Islands of Experimentation

Examples of regenerative work identified by Isabelle Delanoe are numerous. The agronomist through training identifies old solutions, such as the circular economy or complementary currencies, and modern solutions such as the functional economy. Lessons are drawn from these field experiences.

To become renewable, companies must “Rethink links between competitors“, stresses Isabelle Delaney, but also to review the financial indicators and performance indicators.Sustainable financing plays a major role in these transformations“, thinks Isabelle Delanoe. Thus, taking into account the limits of the planets becomes a compass.”Companies must also stop wanting to reduce negative externalities to think about positive externalities. An ecologically designed computer that ends up in a landfill doesn’t make sense!– the specialist calls.

But there is no user manual:Companies must test new paradigms, create islands of experimentation, and innovate at work, and this is the only way to succeedIsabelle Delanoe encourages.

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