The Taliban justifies preventing Afghan women from working in the United Nations

The Taliban justifies preventing Afghan women from working in the United Nations

The Taliban responded to the UN Security Council’s adoption of a resolution condemning this ban, which “harms human rights and humanitarian principles.”

On Friday, the Taliban government responded by preventing Afghan women from working with the United Nations, which is an “internal social issue” in Afghanistan, after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution condemning it.

The 15 members of the Security Council voted unanimously on Thursday in favor of a resolution condemning in particular the decision taken by the Taliban authorities at the beginning of April to extend a ban preventing non-governmental organizations from hiring Afghan female employees, which is “harmful to human rights.” and humanitarian principles.”

“According to international laws and the strong commitment of member states (of the United Nations) to respect Afghanistan’s sovereign choices, this is an internal social issue in Afghanistan, and it has no impact on external countries,” the Afghan Foreign Ministry said in a statement. .

“We remain committed to guaranteeing all their rights to Afghan women, while emphasizing the need to respect (opinions) diversity and not politicize it,” the ministry added.

The council also issued a broader call for the Taliban government to “rapidly roll back” all its policies that restrict women’s basic freedoms, urging “all states and organizations to use their influence” to ensure the opposite.

“The world will not be silent.”

“The world will not remain silent while women in Afghanistan are erased from society,” said UAE Ambassador Lana Zaki Nusseibeh, who co-wrote the script with Japan.

Since their return to power in August 2021, the Taliban have returned to the strict interpretation of Islam that marked their first term as prime minister (1996-2001) and doubled down on crackdowns on women.

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High schools and universities are closed to girls. Women have also been excluded from many public jobs, and are not allowed to enter parks, gardens, gyms, and public baths.

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