The Taliban controls the arsenal left by the Americans

The Taliban controls the arsenal left by the Americans

Analysis – The new masters of Afghanistan seized huge amounts of weapons, confiscated by the Afghan army or abandoned by the Americans.

Helicopters, planes, drones, armored vehicles, and weapons of various calibers… the Taliban convoy with equipment that was not prepared for them. On social networks, these photos symbolize their victory. In the aftermath of the complete invasion of Kabul, the Taliban could begin to take stock of their loot: the equipment of the Afghan regular army, supplied for twenty years by the United States, as well as everything that Western soldiers left behind. It doesn’t matter whether the devices take off or just make up the corpses left behind by US forces after they’re gone. By flaunting their prizes, the Taliban win another round in the media battle.

But this further defeat of the US military is not limited to a few photos. This arsenal on display carries dire consequences. It weakens the aura of the United States a little more. It confirms the unwillingness of an organized withdrawal

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