The Swiss vote in favor of the thirteenth month of retirement

The Swiss vote in favor of the thirteenth month of retirement

The Swiss, whose aging population faces the country's rising costs of living, voted on Sunday, March 3, 2024, in favor of 13H Months from retirement, but he refused to increase the retirement age, according to the semi-final results of the consultation that I reportedFrench Information Agency.

The motion is in favor of 13H A month after retirement, she had won 58.2% of the country's vote, according to provisional but near-final results, which also showed her winning a majority of votes in more than half of Switzerland's 26 cantons, a condition for her certification. , pointing toFrance Press agency. a step Historical According to its defenders. On the other hand, the proposal to gradually raise the retirement age from 65 to 66 seems doomed to failure.

One of the most expensive countries in the world

According to opinion polls, the majority of voters support the first initiative, which is a union proposal entitled “A Better Retirement Life” that stipulates the payment of 13% of the retirement salary.H Annual pension month such as 13H The monthly salary of many workers in Switzerland.

according to'France Press agencyThe maximum monthly social security pension in Switzerland is 2,450 Swiss francs (2,570 euros) for a single person and 3,675 francs for a married couple, in a country that is regularly ranked among the most expensive countries in the world. In the city, the rent for a three-room apartment is at least 3,000 francs (3,150 euros). The coffee costs more than 5 francs.

The initiative has precedent in Europe: neighboring Liechtenstein, another expensive country that uses the Swiss franc, implemented a similar system several years ago, he noted.France Press agency.

“Purchasing power crisis”

There is, as everywhere else, a crisis of purchasing power in Switzerland. The standard of living of retirees is eroding L. explainsFrance Press agency Pierre-Yves Maillard, president of the Swiss Trade Union Confederation (SGB) who calls for “yes” and says Hopes His victory. Jacob Houry, a retiree cited by the Yes campaign, agrees: The cost of living rises dramatically retirement fund, It is supposed to guarantee a minimum subsistence, it does not follow .

The leftist parties support this initiative, but the right and center parties strongly oppose it. The government and parliament also oppose this. The government said the proposed increase would cost more than 4 billion Swiss francs annually, warning that it would require tax increases and could threaten the financial stability of the social security system. He also estimated that the proposed change, for all retirees regardless of their financial situation, would bring only limited social benefit. If the initiative is adopted, many retirees will receive 13H Paying Social Security even if they don't really need it federal authorities say, still according toFrance Press agency.

The Christian Democratic Union, the far-right and leading party in the country, warns against this initiative Irresponsible It will allow exploiters to exhaust the system. This party campaigned for a 'no' vote using advertisements, including one showing a 100-franc note pulled into a manhole. Arguments that seem to have been successful: in the recent poll conducted by gfs.bern for the public channel Private sector reform53% of those surveyed said they support the initiative, while 43% opposed it, while 61% of respondents supported it a month ago.

Strong opposition to raising the retirement age

For this initiative to be ratified, it must not only receive the popular vote, but also a majority in half of Switzerland's 26 cantons.

Voters are also voting on a proposal from the Liberal Party's youth wing to gradually raise the retirement age from 65 to 66 over the next decade, to ensure sustainable funding for the pension system. But this initiative appears to have failed: the latest opinion polls indicate that only 35% of those surveyed support such a measure, while 63% oppose it.

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This vote comes less than two years after Swiss voters narrowly decided to raise the retirement age for women from 64 to 65 years, as is the case for men.

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