The surprising ingredient you should be putting in your coffee instead of sugar, according to science

“Milk or sugar?” When we take a coffeeThese are the two ingredients that some people usually add to it. However, according to scienceThis is another thing you should pour into your coffee. But the idea is not really attractive…

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In reality, Element Which you should put in your coffee to replace sugar east… the salt ! Yes, you should salt your coffee instead of sweetening it. Although this idea may seem strange, it may have its merit A real advantage.

Why do you put salt in your coffee?

For once, this isn't some weird advice for taking care of your health or losing weight. In fact, a fact Put salt in your coffee It should just Improve your taste And even do it Less bitter. But be careful, you should only use a pinch.

Although the idea may seem strange, it actually makes perfect sense. In fact, salt is mainly used Flavor enhancer. Moreover, we find it in both salty and sweet recipes. Furthermore it, Salt your coffee It is something that is done elsewhere in the world, like Vietnam or Sweden, for example.

Already in 1995, Oxford University raised the issue of salt in coffee. a result ? the Researchers He discovered that salt was particularly effective Hide the bitter taste Some coffee. Why ? because, “When salt is added to a mixture of sweet and bitter compounds, it gives it a dominant caramel flavour.”

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the Barista As the Englishman James Hoffman explained that language He owns “Taste receptors that detect sodium ions and allow us to sense a salty taste.”. So, “This saltiness also increases sweetness and reduces bitterness, which is why adding a pinch of salt can greatly improve the flavor of the coffee.”.

but, Replace sugar By salt still has some advantages to healthWhen we know that sugar is not at all beneficial for our body and can cause addiction… But be careful, salt should also be added in moderation.

So, are you ready to salt your coffee?

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