The surprise that Apple prevents Epic Games from creating its own App Store on iPhone: Europe wonders

The surprise that Apple prevents Epic Games from creating its own App Store on iPhone: Europe wonders

While the rollout of iOS 17.4 allows alternative app stores to appear in Europe on iPhones, Apple has just blocked its biggest potential competitor: Epic Games.

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Apple is clearly playing a dangerous game with European regulations. Since Wednesday, March 6, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) has come into effect in Europe and is forcing tech giants to open up more to competition. At Apple, this includes opening up the iPhone to alternative app stores with the iOS 17.4 update.

Among Apple's early competitors, we were especially anticipating Epic Games, which would mark the return of Fortnite in a native version on Apple's smartphone. Unfortunately, the Apple brand seems determined to create hurdles for the publisher, going against the spirit of the new European law.

Epic Games is not a “trusted” partner.

The conditions set by Apple to create an alternative to the App Store have already begun to raise eyebrows since the announcement on January 25, 2024. We are talking in particular about a commission that Apple charges of 0.50 euros every time a user installs an application. For the first time in a year, the app exceeded one million downloads. Apple also requested a $1 million check to evaluate the solvency of the App Store publisher, but the company backed away from that requirement.

We come to the revelation of the evening: Apple has deleted the Epic Games developer account that the company was able to recover through a tribute to Apple's brand goodwill just a few days ago. in press release From Epic Games, we learned that Apple will confirm that Epic Games is not a trusted business partner. The video game publisher has in the past voluntarily violated App Store regulations.

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However, with this decision, it seems clear that Apple is violating European regulations. The brand has already been singled out for compliance which doesn't really allow it to open its platform to competition with the best provisions. Earlier this week, Apple was fined €1.8 billion for abusing its dominant position in Europe. Other regions, such as the United States, are considering activating antitrust measures against Apple.

In its communications with Epic Games, Apple also appears to rebuke comments from Epic Games president Tim Sweeney, who has strongly criticized Apple's compliance in Europe.

Europe is asking questions

The European Commission has already stated that it is closely monitoring the actions of Apple and other tech giants regarding their integration with the new European regulations.

Following the publication of Epic Games' press release, Europe announced that it was seeking clarification from Apple regarding the Epic Games developer account ban.

Apple has not responded publicly about this new reversal.

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