The Supreme Court refuses to rule expeditiously on Trump's immunity, which could delay his trials

The Supreme Court refuses to rule expeditiously on Trump's immunity, which could delay his trials

Ping pong


The case, which will first be decided by the Washington Court of Appeals, is scheduled to return to the Supreme Court in February, threatening to postpone Donald Trump's first trial, which was supposed to begin in early March.

This is a temporary victory for Donald Trump. Supreme Court of the United States Urgent refusal to study The question of the possible immunity of the former US president, rejecting the appeal of federal prosecutor Jack Smith. This means that the appeal process will take place in a Washington court. If the case logically returns to the Supreme Court, this game of judicial ping-pong is threatened with postponement Donald Trump impeachment trial To interfere in the elections It's supposed to start on March 4with a snowball effect for other tasks.

The Supreme Court did not justify its decision. In one of the lines, she indicated that the appeal was rejected. It was a Booker move by the attorney general aimed at preventing Donald Trump and his lawyers from playing for time.

The Washington Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear arguments from both parties on January 9, and is expected to issue its decision shortly after. According to experts, the case should return to the Supreme Court in February. If the court agrees to take up the case, lawyers for Jack Smith and Donald Trump will be able to present their arguments again, which would at least postpone the trial for several weeks, or even a few months, with the current court session in session. The course ends in June.

Judicial traffic jam

The nine justices will be in high demand: while Donald Trump was Declared ineligible in Colorado By the domestic judiciary, the Supreme Court should also be called to make the decision – once the former president appeals.

In addition to the trial scheduled to take place in Washington in March, Donald Trump must also be tried in federal courts in Florida in the classified documents case in May. He also faces trial in New York in the Stormy Daniels case, and in Georgia, where he is accused of conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and faces decades in prison.

Donald Trump, the favorite for the Republican nomination, is hoping to successfully postpone all of his impeachments until after the November 2024 presidential election, shaping his revenge against Joe Biden. If elected, the Republican could dismiss federal prosecutions, or pardon himself in the case of a previous conviction. However, he would still be at risk of being sentenced to prison in Georgia, because the president has no authority over the state's judicial system.

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