The success of mayonnaise is explained by science

The success of mayonnaise is explained by science

Because the color is yellow The egg It also contains specific proteins that act as binding factors. These complexed molecules don't have extremes on different properties: they contain hydrophiles from the skin (they are the ones that attach to the water), and other hydrophobes (they lie in the water). In oil).

The process of beating the oil and egg yolk with a whisk allows the fatty substance to be dispersed in the form of fine droplets. The proteins in the egg yolk, which are already bound to water, can combine with the oil. This way, unlike an unstable vinaigrette, this mixture is stable. Mayonnaise Takes ! It forms what chemists call an emulsion. The more you whisk, the more drops of oil become, surrounded by proteins and packed into the water. The sauce becomes so thick that a spoon can stand upright in it. Mayonnaise will be more successful if mixed in a glass bowl with a wide whisk to encourage wide movements and thus multiply the drops. Always make sure to pour oil Very, very gently, especially at the beginning: the idea is to spread it in the water, not the other way around. Lots of fat at once, no more emulsions, mayonnaise turns…

Typical dish of French gastronomy (General de Gaulle Loved it), mayonnaise eggs enjoy the world championship held every year in Paris. On December 4, 2023, Chef Maxime Plateau, from the restaurant (…)

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