The stunning northern lights can be seen from France and Europe to Ukraine

The stunning northern lights can be seen from France and Europe to Ukraine

In the pictures, in the pictures – A geomagnetic storm triggered by a wave of solar particles created visible northern lights across the continent on Sunday evening.

Strings of light illuminate the sky. The northern lights crossed Europe, especially France, on Sunday, November 5, in the early evening, as evidenced by numerous images shared on social networks. From the Pas-de-Calais region to the Alps, and even to Slovakia and Ukraine, this phenomenon, which was usually limited to latitudes closest to the pole, was evident in the ancient continent.

In question, a wave of solar particles that causes “A geomagnetic storm and the formation of the aurora borealis visible from France“, he explains on Scientific intermediary Pierre Henriquet.

Auroras appear when jets of hot, magnetic particles from solar flares reach Earth’s environment. Then the streams of ionized particles traveling at tremendous speeds hit the Earth’s magnetic field, which acts as a shield protecting the planet. “These charged particles will excite atmospheric molecules, especially oxygen and nitrogen, which will give a green and pink color respectively.» The aurora borealis, explains to AFP Eric Lagadique, an astronomer at the Côte d’Azur Observatory.

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