The story of Le Figaro's Special Reporter

The story of Le Figaro’s Special Reporter

a report – Residents of villages just liberated by the Ukrainian army in the south of the country tell what they experienced and how they tried to resist Russian soldiers.

Special Envoy to Ukraine

Sitting on a bench in the shade of a hazel tree, Police Chief Mykola Marinik takes some fresh air to escape the stifling heat of a small makeshift police station set up in Sloboda, in the Kherson region. Inside, in one of the two rooms of the cramped building, dozens of colleagues are resting on camp beds or typing at the computer.

Captain Marinik, originally from a now occupied village, was evacuated with all his colleagues when the Russian army approached: the treatment assigned to the Ukrainian armed forces by the Russian forces consisted, among other things, of torture. Now, the 50-year-old is responsible for recounting the crimes committed by the Russian army in twenty villages liberated since April – this group of villages brings together about 3,000 inhabitants in total.

She is 83 years old.

We have documented more than 200 crimes committed by the Russians against civilians“, says Mykola Marinic, before the listing …

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