The State Council overturned Wendy Zippo's exclusion from higher education

The State Council overturned Wendy Zippo’s exclusion from higher education

In adjudicating the case on form and not on substance, the State Board held that the applicant had not made use of the time allotted to organize her defense before the University of the West Indies Disciplinary Committee.

On December 20, 2018, the student was disqualified for 5 years from any institution of higher education by the University of the Antilles. Exceptional penalty. Wendy Zebo claimed she composed during an exam, but the university was unable to find her signature or transcript.

She herself would have found this copy under the Department of Legal and Economic Sciences on the Guadeloupe Campus, with a score of 17.5 out of 20. And the university answered.

Deadline not met

Excluded, she petitioned the National Commission on Higher Education, which dismissed her. Proceedings before the Council of State in cassation. Punishment has been abolished. In the case it was a procedural error. The State Council judges noted that Foyle did not respect the 15-day deadline set out in the Education Act. A delay between the summons to the African Union Disciplinary Committee and the convening of this meeting on 20 December 2018 to prepare his defence.

This national commission will have to reconsider Wendy Zippo’s case.

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