The son of the Chadian president, who died in the fighting, assumes full power

The son of the Chadian president, who died in the fighting, assumes full power

Mohamed Idriss Déby, son of Idriss Déby, March 2013. – Kenzo Tripoillard / Agence France-Presse

He is the new tough guy in Chad. distance
The death of President Idriss Deby Itno, Who ruled his country for 30 years with an iron fist, his son Mohamed Idriss Déby assumed the presidency of the military council and concentrated all powers.

Idriss Déby died, on Monday, according to the Chadian presidency, at the age of 68, from wounds sustained at the front against the rebels. His son, a 37-year-old general in the corps, dissolved the National Assembly and the government. According to the transitional charter published today, Wednesday, he “assumes the duties of the president of the republic, the head of state, and the supreme head of the armies.”

The formation of a transitional military council

He “appoints and dismisses the members of the transitional government” and appoints the “members of the Transitional National Council” responsible for the legislative function. A Military Transitional Council (CMT) has been established, consisting of 15 generals known to be in the circle of the late head of state most loyal to.

This election management team has sworn that new institutions will emerge after “free and democratic” elections within a year and a half. The rebels, who have been leading an offensive from Libya against the Chadian regime ten days ago, promised to march on N’Djamena and “categorically” rejected this military advice.

France’s position was examined

“We intend to continue the attack,” said Kenjabi Ojuzimi de Taboul, a spokesman for the Front for Alternation and Accord in Chad, on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the United States called for a “peaceful and democratic transition” to a civilian government in the United States. ChadWithout going so far as to condemn the military council’s takeover of power.

With the death of Idriss Debbie Itno, Westerners led by Paris lose their strongest ally against jihadists in the restive Sahel region, the former French colony. Until now it was considered an island of relative stability.

Since he came to power by force in 1990 with the help of Paris, Idriss Déby was always able to count on his French ally Which was installed in N’Djamena, the headquarters of the anti-jihadist force in the Sahel Barkhane. Therefore, France’s position on the military transition is under particular scrutiny.


For the many dissidents who have always been suppressed by the Idriss Déby regime, his son’s seizure of power is nothing more than a “coup.” About 30 Chadian opposition parties condemned, on Wednesday, the “institutional coup” and called for “the establishment of a transitional phase led by civilians (…) through an inclusive dialogue.” The opposition also called for “non-compliance with the illegal, illegal and irregular decisions taken by the CMT, particularly the transitional charter and the curfew.”

The General Directorate of Security Services for State Institutions (DGSSIE), headed by Mohamed Idriss Déby until then, “is in danger of being divided. They will solve their problems, as they have done in the past, through attempts at physical annihilation, including armed violence in the capital.”

Thus, threats are hanging over the new strongman from all sides. Zaghawa is like his father. A professional soldier, like his father. Young of course. But Idriss Déby himself came to power at the age of 38, at the head of a rebellion.

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