Une délégation de médecins cubains arrive à Fort-de-France le 26 juin pour prêter main-forte dans les hôpitaux de la région confrontés à une recrudescence de cas de Covid.

The situation is deteriorating in Martinique, patients are expected to be transferred

According to the Regional Health Agency (ARS), the barrier of 700 coronavirus cases could be crossed on the island on Tuesday.

The Covid-19 epidemic has accelerated further this week in Martinique, where patients can be transported to the capital, local health authorities said Monday, July 19.

The number of coronavirus cases in Martinique already quadrupled (410 positive cases, versus 110 in the previous week) between June 28 and July 4. It doubled again the following week, with 997 new cases between July 5 and 11. According to the Regional Health Agency (ARS), we could cross the barrier of 700 positive cases on Tuesday. Alarming figures that prompted health authorities to encourage vaccination to improve the vaccination coverage rate: only 15.35% of people over 12 years of age in Martinique received a dose.

Demonstrations multiplied in Fort de France against the duty to vaccinate.

“With the increase in coronavirus cases, the healthcare offer at Martinique University Hospital is deteriorating”, also explains Benjamin Jarrell, Director General of the University Hospital Martinique (CHUM), and François Roques, chair of the founding medical committee. Despite the contribution of external resources, the management of CHUM fears overburdening quickly, and surgical interventions have already been canceled and some hospitalizations postponed. In front of this situation, “It is conceivable that Covid patients or non-Covid patients will be transferred to the capital.”, outlines the press release.

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