The side effects of the vaccine will cost Australia dearly.

« Covid: les effets secondaires du vaccin vont coûter cher à l’Australie», c’est le titre d’un article du très sérieux et très «mainstream» journal les Echos en France, qui n’est pas franchement un quotidien complotiste -you all !

You can read this article directly on the websites of here ! As you probably understood, my editorial line is very simple. Never talk about rumors but only facts that always end up passing through an official source that can be cited. Just accept a few weeks of delay between the rumors (which seem strong) and the fact that it takes a little longer to walk up the stairs.

In short, we have learned “officially” that around 10,000 Australians are seeking damages from the government after experiencing significant side effects from a Covid vaccine. The bill could reach several million Australian dollars, according to the “Sydney Morning Herald”!

There are two very important things in this article.

The first is that if there are no side effects in France, then everything is going well and the side effects of our residents stop with the Chernobyl cloud at the border, even if there is no more customs, there is a package in Australia. It’s like the covid patients in Belgium. They are vaccinated 64%, but they are hospitalized for a milder form, as when they die, it is a less dangerous form of Covid, as everyone knows that when we are vaccinated, a person is protected from dangerous forms, even when one dies. So this world goes into an unprecedented intellectual delusion.

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The second is that the economic model of pharmaceutical companies is exactly the same as that of banks, that is, they have privatized profits and incorporated losses into society. In fact, they have negotiated around the world that there will be no prosecutions for their “vaccine” of the new type. It is the states that will provide compensation for the victims. States, which, of course, will do everything so as not to pay or compensate.

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