The ship's captain abandons 8 late passengers on an island, without money or medicine

The ship's captain abandons 8 late passengers on an island, without money or medicine

The journey is fun…but without it. As spotted ParisianQuoted from the American television channel WMBFEight passengers on board an American company cruise Norwegian Cruise Line Stranded on an island off the coast Gabon.

The ship's captain left them voluntarily on Wednesday, March 27: “We were waiting for the attachés to come and take us (…) but they never came, so we are stuck here.”,” explains Jay Campbell, one of the “untouchable” cruise passengers.

The captain punishes latecomers

What is the reason for this abandonment? A delay that was clearly not well received by the captain: “We were touring the island but we had a problem during the tour and they didn't bring us back in time.”

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The trip stopped on an island Sao Tome and Principe. Despite being warned of the delay, the captain refused to let the eight passengers at the foot of the still anchored boat.

A pregnant woman, a paralyzed person…

Without money, without luggage, without medicine… the punished cruise passengers find themselves completely abandoned to their fate. Among them are a pregnant woman, a paralyzed person and another suffering from heart problems.

Fortunately, Jay and Jill Campbell carried their Visa cards. Within a few days, they spent $5,000 (about 4,600 euros) to feed themselves and pay for their companions' accommodation in case they were unlucky.

Arriving at the next port of call

Company A recognizes “The situation is very unfortunate”While he pointed this out “Passengers are responsible for ensuring that they return to the ship on time.”. Danish Cruise Line specifies that cruise passengers will be able to return to the ship if they arrive at their next port of call by their own means.

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This is what is planned for Sunday, when the eight tourists will have to travel to Gambia in order to join the ship. They are now waiting for written permission from the company to ensure they can board the plane: “We have booked our flights to Gambia, but we don’t know if we will be able to enter the country and return on the ship.” The atmosphere on board is expected to be heavy…

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