The series will leave New Zealand for season 2

The series will leave New Zealand for season 2

Development in the production of D series the Lord of the Rings, whose first season will begin on Prime Video on September 2, 2022: Amazon Studios has announced that it will move production of the second season to the UK, and thus leave New Zealand, for years considered Middle-earth Cinema. This is Homecoming, as JRR Tolkien was clearly an Englishman.

A few days ago we reported that there were rumors of additional filming for the first season at Pinewood Studios in London. It appears to have been a precursor to something bigger, as Amazon has confirmed that pre-production for season two will begin in the UK on January 1, 2022, and filming will begin in the second half of next year. Remember that when the series was still in development there was talk of the tangible possibility that it was filmed in Scotland. Then it was announced that filming would take place in New Zealand, but with the closure, many crew members and actors have been away from their homes for several months: moving production to England should be more logistically convenient. However, it is unclear whether the shooting will occur exclusively in England or New Zealand, the crews of the second unit could remain.

What is certain is that the New Zealand government Didn’t take it well at all: The production of Lord of the Rings is a highly political issue in the country, and it also includes strong tax cuts, the first season employed nearly 2,000 people belonging to local workers with investments of more than NZ$600 million. The law provides for a 20% reduction for investments of this type, but it is envisaged that another 5% will not be granted after the announcement of the departure of the country for production. In a government memo, it was learned that post-production for the first season will take place in New Zealand until June next year.

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“The move from New Zealand to the UK is in line with their strategy of expanding their production to UK studios: Many of the biggest Amazon Studios series can already say they call England ‘home,’” said an Amazon official statement. “We want to thank the people and government of New Zealand for Their hospitality and dedication and to provide the Lord of the Rings series with a wonderful place to go on their epic journey.”

David Strong, chief executive of the New Zealand Film Commission, called the decision a “disgrace” for the crew who worked on the production. The authority will now work to create new jobs for this sector.

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