The secret of the grilled sausages deposited in the village mailboxes

The secret of the grilled sausages deposited in the village mailboxes

It all started in April 2022. Jacob Coetzee, a young man based in Surfdale, a town in northern New Zealand, discovered Grilled sausage placed on a piece of bread in his mailbox. A puzzle that recurs several times over the following weeks.

“I received them again and again, He explains to RNZ RadioSo I ended up texting my friends thinking it was them. But they told me they also got hot dogs! Then I realized it was dangerous.”

For more than a year, residents have been investigating the matter. Some suspect Sir Peter Leach, a town butcher now nicknamed “The Mad Butcher”, “The Mad Butcher”, who denies any involvement. Recently, the case generated such a stir that the media gawked at it. journalist from New Zealand TV channel 1News So he went there to investigate.

photo of sausage maker

Due to the lack of evidence, no one has been able to unravel the mystery yet. Interview by Media StuffPsychologist Dougal Sutherland tried to paint a picture of the Joker. “Maybe someone with little time and money, who has access to a barbecue, Likely not to be a vegetarian or very health conscious, Because of the white bread sandwich. We are looking for someone Reasonably smart and smart enough not to unmaskHe is convinced of the male type of the perpetrator: “Only a man can throw a hot dog in a mailbox in this way.”

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