The secret formula for doubling damage in Diablo 4!

The secret formula for doubling damage in Diablo 4!

I looked up Campustech’s best tip for optimizing your damage in Diablo 4. After telling you the basics of the Paragon board yesterday, today I’m going to explore how damage works. It happens at the end of the game, and I’ll explain how glyphs and nodes fit into this matrix damage groups. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a mathematician to understand damage combos, it’s very simple in the end, but this little arithmetic can radically change your build and make your character an elite killing machine.

Paragon Board: A wealth of opportunities to increase damage

The Paragon board is the main item in Diablo 4 for increasing damage. As you level up, you get model points, which you have to put into this board, which consists of several rotating boards. Each node selected in this way gives you unique rewards and leads to rare and legendary nodes. The Paragon Board also gives you specific slots to insert glyphs, which are special items you can drop from Nightmare Dungeons.

Glyphs: An essential asset for increasing your power

Glyphs are symbols that grant specific bonuses to your character. There are two types of avatars to master: those that increase damage based on your stats (eg +2% physical damage for every 5 points of dexterity) and those that grant a bonus to rare or magic nodes. As you level up, these glyphs become more powerful and greatly improve your combat potential.

Paragon panel consists of glyphs Which increases your damage in different ways. Avatars can be upgraded and their level affects the increased damage they deal.

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For example, the maximum level avatar can advance up to 172.8% damage Bonuses obtained for each segment of stats. Other glyphs, such as the one that gives a bonus to magic knot or to Rare nodesIt can offer larger increases of up to 240%!

Because avatars can be improved up to level 20! Some of these glyphs have effect area on your Paragon board. The higher the glyph, the more powerful its bonus or expansion, affecting more nodes.

To get the most out of these avatars, you’ll need to pair them with a good selection of rare and magical nodes. For example, an avatar that increases magic damage by 240% will be especially effective if you choose a suitable magic node. I put you in the link to the main google page: DonTheCrown’s Diablo University Mega Doc

Ok with the avatar system? We now turn to the heart of this article: Damage combos!
Cluster in English means “cluster” or “cluster”

Damage Combos: Vary damage to double it!

Damage groups represent different classes of damage, and damage in Diablo 4 is calculated according to two main rules:

  • There is damage add to each other
  • And the damage that reproduce among themselves

And since a picture is worth more than 1,000 words, here are the damage combos for each letter. Each damaged color is a block:

Damage combos in Diablo 4

This is the important information:

  • Damage multiplies from different combos
  • Damage from the same group is added

For example, I’ll take a barbarian.

in my first build I have 4 gray damage bonuses (Against elitesingles, at a distance, in Cac, when I’m healthy) which is +2. My rewards are in the same group.
So I have 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 damage bonus

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On my second build, I have 4 different damage bonuses (powerAnd Attack speedAnd critical chanceAnd against bleeding enemies) which is +2 as well. My rewards are in 4 different combinations.
So I have 2x2x2x2 = 16 damage bonus

To maximize your damage, vary your damage combos to achieve a multiplier effect rather than an additional effect. So, by diversifying your damage combinations, you can Double the damage !

(There are more combinations than the ones in my screenshot, I put the link here)

Of course, even without doing this on purpose, you will be diversifying your damage, but the higher your level, the more these choices are conscious choices, and at the time, I think a damage bonus in your main combo can be less effective than a bonus in an untapped block !

If you want other examples because I’ve simplified quite a bit here, I recommend this video from Canon that explains everything really well:

Yes! This damages

The key to doubling your damage in Diablo 4 is Master the mechanics of the Paragon boardand based on Diversify your damage combos, depending on your progress. The bottom line is that a build with a variety of damage will likely be more powerful than a build that focuses on one type of damage.

Because multiplication is better than addition!

Of course, you’ll also need to equip yourself with powerful items and perfect your skills to take on the Level 128 Elites. Experiment with different combinations of avatars and builds to find the setup that works best for you. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun playing Diablo 4!

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