The Samsung One 6.1 arrives in France to the old Galaxy: attention to detail

The Samsung One 6.1 arrives in France to the old Galaxy: attention to detail

Samsung confirms that also in France high-end smartphones and tablets from 2023 will be updated to One UI 6.1 as of March 28. They can therefore benefit from Galaxy AI.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Samsung One UI 6.1 update will be rolled out to more devices starting March 28. Good news: the brand confirms Frandroid The publication is already worrying France. You won't have to wait much longer to take advantage of the new interface features on your (very relatively) old device.

As a reminder, One UI 6.1 (Android 14) is the version natively available on the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra that gives access to Galaxy AI features. This version will be rolled out to previous generation models (upgraded to One UI 6.0). To find out :

Moreover, on the tablet side, the update is also arriving on the Galaxy Tab S9, Tab S9 Plus, and Tab S9 Ultra. As of March 28, feel free to check your device if it shows up in those listed here. If the update is not available immediately, you may simply have to wait a bit for the rollout to take its course.

Two details to know about updating to One UI 6.1

This is a good opportunity to take away two important pieces of information to learn about how One UI 6.1 and Galaxy AI functionality is deployed.

There's no smart slow motion on the Galaxy S23 FE

Among the Galaxy AI features, we find the option to slow down the video by interpolation. So, if you record at 30 or 60 fps, in a few gestures you can create a slow motion effect at 240 fps. The AI ​​actually inserts artificially generated images among existing images to create the effect Moment slow motion.

A feature reminiscent of Nvidia's DLSS 3. However, you should know that this function will not be deployed on the Galaxy S23 FE, despite the arrival of One UI 6.1.

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There is no translation on calls for some tablets

Samsung France also warns that the Galaxy AI function that allows instant translation of phone conversations will not be available on all tablets. Wi-Fi versions of the Galaxy Tab S9, S9 Plus, and S9 Ultra will not be eligible.

We imagine this function needs a SIM card to work. Apart from these items, photo editing using generative AI, Google Search Circle function, integrated local translator, intelligent transcription of voice recorder, and message paraphrasing from Samsung keyboard will be available on all compatible models.

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