The RN ends up interacting with the right to abortion, which is an "exploited" topic.

The RN ends up interacting with the right to abortion, which is an “exploited” topic.

Stephane de Sakutin via AFP

RN executives Jordan Bardella and Marina Le Pen in February in Reims.

Politics – Since Friday, June 24, the entire French political class has denounced the abolition of the right to abortion by Supreme Court of the United States And declares its concern in the face of such a decline. everybody? No, there is a party that has remained very secretive for many hours: The National assembly.

It took more than 24 hours for a party manager, his boss in this case, Jordan Bardella, ensures that “there is no serious political movement in France that calls for questioning the hijab law that was obtained for protection.” For MEPs, “the government takes advantage of US domestic policy to create a diversion” on topics other than Purchasing power or immigration.

Hours earlier, the majority and the left announced that they wanted sanctuary Access to abortion by enshrining it in the Constitution. Several Republican figures have called for “the preservation of this fundamental right.”

This is the case, for example, of Eric Ciutti, Vice Marine Alpine, who spoke of a “horrific setback” or Valerie Beckers It is indignant at a “worrying and shocking decline in liberties.” Further to the right, Representative Emmanuel Maynard also responded by pointing to an attack “on the liberties of all American women, whatever their convictions.”

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embarrassment in RN?

One of the few elected legal representatives to have spoken directly or indirectly on this subject is (new) MP Philip Ballard, who was invited on Saturday morning on franceinfo. Asked about the landmark Supreme Court decision, a spokesman for the far-right party called, refusing to discuss US policy.

He replied, “I am a French parliamentarian, I am the spokesman of a French political party, we are sovereigns, and we will not interfere in the affairs of others.” You can see it below (from 1 to 50).

A small roundabout testifies to the embarrassment of the National Assembly? It is clear that the leaders of the Libyan party were less shy about commenting on American national news at the time Doubts Joe Biden’s Election Against Donald Trumpthe person who has Make this amazing descent possible on abortion in the United States.

It is really hard to condemn the consequences of politics and the choices that man makes as a model or as a source of inspiration. Alors plutôt que s’arrêter sur la bienveillance de sa formation politique à l’égard du milliardaire américain quand celui-ci était au pouvoir, Philippe Ballard est aussitôt revenu sur la position “claire” que Le défend’ Marine: current situation.

“The headscarf law, we don’t touch it,” he had already released, before emphasizing “this is the party’s position” when the reporter on the set asks him to confirm whether he is talking about permission to have an abortion “whatever happens.” . But this position, which the head of the National Rally has defended since her 2017 election campaign, has not always been so clear-cut.

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Le Pen’s corruption

On the contrary, the National Front (now the RN) was for a long time radically anti-abortion under the auspices of Jean-Marie Le Pen. Admittedly, Marine Le Pen emerged in 2002 from the hard line embodied by her father, who called for the repeal of pro-abortion laws, but the runner-up in the last presidential election took an often ambiguous stance.

In 2012, during the presidential campaign, for example, I used the term “comfortable abortion” by targeting “women who have two, three, four abortions” and who make abortion a kind of “contraceptive.” Rather, it raises the specter of a payment restriction. “Abortion three or four times in a row should not affect the national community financially, at a time when one in three French people are not treated properly,” she said during a conference organized by the magazine. she in Sciences Po, As you can see below (from 14′).

Since then, Marine Le Pen, eager to “normalize” her image, has left this vocabulary aside … Despite the beatings suffered by her niece, Marion Marechal, in 2017, then still supports the abandonment of “full and unlimited compensation for abortion.” A public outing that will earn the former RN CEO, now in Reconquest, a strict rework.

“Everyone can review their positions,” Philip Ballard considers today to justify changing the RN’s footsteps in ten years. But to what extent? Le Rassemblement national, absent des débats médiatiques depuis la décision historique de la Cour suprême americaine, va devoir sortir du bois et se prononcer sur l’ambition des élus de la Nupes et de la majorité d’inscrire l’accès à dans the Constitution. Their vote will be subject to scrutiny.

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