The realistic facial expressions of this robot are increasingly annoying

The realistic facial expressions of this robot are increasingly annoying

The robot Ameca now has a wide range of facial expressions, as shown in a new video where he looks in the mirror.

Do you remember the movie I’m a robotWith Will Smith, inspired by the works of Isaac Asimov? The androids for the feature film seem to be a reality in Engineered Arts repositories – anyway, an aesthetic fact, because in terms of AI, we’re far from that, Robots don’t even come close to a form of intelligence and even less of a conscience.

However, on a visual level, the geometry creations give a bit of a spin. Already in 2021, a video was posted on the web, both of which are robotic facial expressions called Ameca It was realistic – With this little side scaryStrange, to see this human atmosphere tied to a machine.

Ameca is back, in New video It was posted on August 12, 2022. It’s clearly still just as annoying, if not more so.

12 new facial expressions

In the video, Ameca 12 showcases a new facial expression while looking in the mirror. The robot sometimes appears surprised, surprised, delighted, or disgusted. He winks, too.

“POV: My head before I destroy humanity lol” // Source: Engineered Arts

If the video makes you feel good, it is A well-known phenomenon called the “disturbing valley”. This concept was imagined in the 1970s by Japanese engineer Masahiro Mori. He believed that, in the beginning, the more robots appeared to be human, the more empathy for them. And then, following an upward curve, when robots look a lot like us while being visibly artificial, we’ll reach a climax where they’ll inspire disgust and alienation.

In any case, for now, Ameca remains an established bot. He cannot walk, geometric arts focus on facial expressions and gestures. ” Ameca is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, and represents the forefront of humanoid robotics technology The company is proud On his website.

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