The questionable story of Mariana, a pregnant woman in Mariupol Maternity Hospital

The questionable story of Mariana, a pregnant woman in Mariupol Maternity Hospital

After several weeks of controversy, this Ukrainian influencer is back in public A pro-Russian YouTube channel. She broke the silence in a video posted on April 2 by Denis Seleznev, a Russian blogger. But his surprising story raises many questions. She is sitting on the sofa, her injuries are gone, and she claims to be “covered with glass” after hearing two “explosions”. I had a small cut on my nose, under my mouth, and on my forehead. “It was nothing serious,” said a Russian-speaker.

“After the second explosion we were evacuated to the basement, we wondered if it was bombing, and they said it wasn’t so our instincts were confirmed. We didn’t hear any planes either, and after the first two explosions there was no more, and we were told to evacuate because it was nothing serious.”

Played by the Russians?

However, Associated Press reporters on the scene claim they have a video with “evidence of an air strike, including the sound of an aircraft before the explosion.” Photos of another pregnant woman who was evacuated from the maternity ward in serious condition He died a few hours later as he traveled around the world witnessing the bombing.

Marianna Vyshegerskaya passed her testimony on her Instagram account. She claims that she repeated several times to an Associated Press journalist that she did not want to be photographed or filmed. But the news agency’s recordings prove otherwise. I also spoke to reporters from that agency again after the birth, three days after the bombing.

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