The quadrennial Club World Cup (probably) is coming soon

The quadrennial Club World Cup (probably) is coming soon

The idea of ​​a Rugby Club World Cup, enthusiastically championed by the president of the French Football Federation, Bernard Laporte, is gaining momentum. It should take place “every four years”, “instead of the final stages of the Champions Cup” (so in the spring), according to Simon Halliday, the outgoing president of the European Championships, responsible for European competitions.

For months, the International Rugby Union, had been working on this project which he would have liked to launch in 2022. Before this date had to be postponed, due to the health crisis and a hard-to-find agreement between the various actors, on coordinating the global background calendar.

Keen not to be the loser in history, EPCR has its say, too. In his farewell address, at the end of his second term, Simon Halliday released some information about the frequency and date of this future tournament between European and Southern Hemisphere leaders.

Many questions remain about the exact form.

The Club World Cup contract will be possible thanks to a “new eight-year agreement”, signed by UEFA. “A real victory in terms of negotiation and common goals between the European Union and the European Union,” says Halliday.

Thus, the former England international confirmed the statements of his general manager Vincent Gillard last May to Agence France-Presse, who had already spoken of a “four-year pre-format” and of the first “which remains to be determined but not before 2024. Many questions remain. No answer as to the exact format of this event and the participating teams.But nothing seems to be stopping this project that could see Toulouse Stadium, European champions, and New Zealand’s massive crusade.Apart from perhaps a new global crisis…

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