The Prosecutor of Pointe-à-Peter launches a search warrant against Cedric Cornet

The Prosecutor of Pointe-à-Peter launches a search warrant against Cedric Cornet

Such is the role that the distant confrontation finally took place between the mayor of Le Gosier and the prosecutor’s office in Pointe-a-Pitre. While he was the subject of a summons to the judicial police on Tuesday, Cedric Cornet withdrew, preferring to respond through a press release. The reaction he deserves today is to be in an illegal situation in the face of justice.

It all begins with a court summons sent on June 28 to the mayor of Le Gosier and the head of CARL as part of a preliminary investigation opened on the grounds of “concealing misuse of company assets, embezzlement of public funds, and active and passive corruption.” An investigation entrusted to the Economic and Financial Section of the Provincial Department of the Judicial Police of Guadeloupe.
So the interested party is called on July 19 at 9 am and does not object to it.

However, on this Tuesday, on the day and on time, the man did not respond to his summons. Investigators even receive a phone call from someone who identifies himself as his lawyer and tells them he has no intention of answering.

Therefore, Attorney General Patrick Desjardins allowed the police to go to the places where Cedric Cornet could be in order to bring him back to justice to respond to the summons duly received.

A version in which the mayor of Gosier questioned his press release published on social networks, which provoked a written response from the prosecution.

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Now, a search warrant has been issued against him by the Public Prosecution Office in Pointe-à-Pître to justify his arrest no matter where he is now.

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