The position of women in public

ACTE-Publicques! @ Jill Aguilar

Choreographer Annick Charlotte presents a choreographed walk that questions the symbolic and physical standing of women in public.

We remember the wonderful work of Lyon choreographer Annick Charlotte in 2014 في diary one day A 24-hour dance drama that unfolds city-wide and takes us poetically into the world of unknown characters.

presented as part of summer is here Organized by Maison de la danse, PUBLIC QUES! It continues the work that began in collaboration with Pierre Amaudros, but while we were simple spectators, this time imagining a performance of a large number of people immersed in a sound and gestural space and whose choreographic writing is performed directly thanks to their contributions.

Equipped with headphones, 100 spectators (who pre-registered) will lead two dancers, a musician, and twenty partners along a downtown road. This show has nothing to do with the #metoo wave that came out in 2017.

This wave, Annick Charlotte says, Aroused in the artists the desire to move the generated word, to remember inequality and control. We want to devise a game of perception to express a sensitive body claim beyond integral standards, then invite onlookers to experience it and wake up with us. Between performance, event and radio experience, the show lives as much as it is watched. The public, immersed in this healthy space, creates an all-encompassing movement to play up or thwart the gendered construction of our ways of being and behaving in the public space.”

General · Questions! – July 7 and 8 at 8 pm in the Town Hall Square, Lyon 1er

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