The Pope reacted 'well' to his operation for colitis

The Pope reacted ‘well’ to his operation for colitis

Pope Francis, 84, underwent surgery on Sunday, July 4 in Rome. “His Holiness responded well to the intervention, which was carried out under the influence of general anaesthesia”According to a statement issued by the Vatican shortly before midnight. He can spend five days recuperating in a ten-year-old roome Hospital floor.

The Pope was admitted to a hospital. Jamili in the Italian capital, where he underwent him “Planned surgery for symptomatic diverticulitis of the colon”.

He suffers from potentially painful inflammation of diverticula, hernias, or sacs that form on the walls of the digestive tract and increase in frequency with age. One possible complication of this condition is stricture, which is a narrowing of the intestine.

On a state visit to France, Italian President Sergio Mattarella sent a message of support to the Pope by sending it to him “Loving thoughts of all Italians”. The solidarity demonstrations streamed on the Facebook website of the official Vatican Agency. “May the Holy Spirit guide the hand of the surgeon”He wrote for example Pina, a Sicilian believer.

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Already had lung surgery

On Sunday noon, celebrate Regina Coeli’s traditional Sunday prayer at the window of Sainte-Marthe’s residence for the faithful gathered under the blazing sun on Saint-Pierre Square. He looked fine and excited to announce a state visit to Slovakia from 12-15 September, only his second overseas trip in 2021 after Iraq in March.

The Pope recites the Angelus prayer at the Vatican on Sunday noon.

The Pope is not in his first operations, but it is the first in his papacy. Jorge Bergoglio had his upper lobe removed from his right lung at the age of 21 due to pleurisy. He suffers from thigh problems and sciatica.

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after lung operation, “I have never felt restricted in my activities (…). I have never felt tired or short of breath”confirmed in his book.

However, in recent years he has had to cancel some appearances and sometimes walks with difficulty. Since the beginning of the epidemic, he has seemed a little concerned about his health, often traveling without a mask. Other than the cold that forced him to cancel appointments at the start of the pandemic, his health has caused no particular concern.

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Francis was elected in 2013 to succeed Benedict XVI, who resigned in February of the same year, after eight years of the papacy. The first pope to resign in nearly 600 years, the German pope was martyred for health reasons. Now 93, he lives reclusively in a convent in Vatican City. He’s been looking more and more shaky in recent months, moving in a wheelchair, and talking with difficulty.

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