The Pope encourages worshipers to be joyful and humble

The Pope encourages worshipers to be joyful and humble

Joy, prayer and humility are the three main attitudes recommended by the Pope, on Saturday, December 30, during his meeting in the Vatican with the International Federation of Boere Cantores. And to his young guests who help others to pray through song, Francis reminds us that “it is important that each one of them keeps his heart close to Jesus, not only when they sing, but always.”

What you do is very important, because with your voices you help communities to pray and open their hearts to the Lord; It is essential for the life of the ChurchThis is what His Excellency the Supreme Pontiff declared to the members of the International Federation Bowery Kantoris. Founded on 11 November 1944 by Monsignor Fernand Millet, director of the Little Singers at the Wooden Cross, it combines boys' and girls' choirs and mixed choirs with adults sometimes for male voices. The meeting with the Sacred Hymn Choirs for children and young people was an ideal moment for the Holy Father to offer some advice as part of their service and mission as choirs.


Singing is joy“. This is what Francis first noticed, especially when we do it in choir. And “The joy of singing is a gift you have received from those who composed the music you perform, from those who teach it to you, and from those who have passed it on to you, sometimes even over the centuries.“, he explains. Referring to the Holy Bible, the Holy Father emphasizes that “God loves a cheerful giver» (See. 2 companies 9, 7). “SoHe adds, When you put your passion into singing, you give a great gift to those who listen to you», In a world where we desperately need joy; Where a lot, evenYoung people are prisoners of anxiety or boredomThrough songs and music, we can touch hearts, give beauty and bring joy and hope back to life, says the Bishop of Rome.

Singers from the International Union of Bowery Cantores

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Prayer remains essential, because “You're not artists like others, and you're not putting on a show. You help others pray through your singing prayers“So François invites these young singers.”To keep their hearts close to Jesus, not only when they sing, but always», In prayer and love. “If your heart is full of love for JesusThe Pope said This comes in the voices, and it is like an arrow that hits the target and reaches the hearts of the people“. Saint Augustine taught that”Singing belongs to those who love it» (Sermon 3361: Bala 38, 1472), and whoever chants, let him pray twice, for he reminds us.

For the Holy Father, singing is an act of love: “When we sing, we pray with words and music, with heart and voice, with dedication and art.“.

When you sing “Lord have mercy,” or “Holy, holy, holy,” or “The Lord is my shepherd,” you hear with your heart what you are saying, because you have met the gracious God of forgiveness, who is holy and good and the caretaker of all our needs and who walks with us at all times.

Walking and growing together

Through singing, we send an important message to society: “By singing and praying together, in unison, by listening to you, by waiting for you, by bringing the rhythm of each into the rhythm of all, The Pope confirms You're helping the community do the same, teaching them how important it is to walk and grow together“.

Singers from the International Union of Bowery Cantores

Singers from the International Union of Bowery Cantores

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School of humility

A virtue embodied by Pope Francis, who emphasizes that singing is a school of humility, because the singer is always part of a choir, where we are at the service of each other, even the choirmaster who leads the choir. And “Your song is more humble, because it is in the service of God“, And “If he helps others to encounter the Lord, he also knows how to step aside at the right moment, to make room for silence, where everyone can secretly hear the words that only Jesus knows how to say to each one of us.“, declares Peter's successor. Francis insists on the humility that every good psalmist must have: “A psalmist who seeks to put himself in the center, or to outshine others, is not a good psalmist“, said the Pope, and called on us not to try to appear, but “To seek inclusion in the whole, because in the unity that comes from humility, your song expresses true friendship: with God, with others, and with each other.“, he maintains.

At the end of his speech, the Holy Father, expressing his thanks, encouraged these dedicated young singers in their mission, which requires a lot of effort.Just as living well together also takes effort. But you, with the harmony of your explanations, the light of your faces, and the beauty of your voices, help us understand that it is worth it.“, he confirmed.

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