The petition is growing and becoming more embarrassing than ever. Find out why!

Hello gamers and pop culture fans! Today we’re going to talk about console exclusivity, a topic that always sparks a little jealousy, unless you own every console available. It’s completely normal – we all enjoy good games. If you’re a PlayStation or Xbox owner, you might be looking forward to trying out The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Xbox users may want to delve into Marvel’s Spider-Man series, while Switch owners may be keen to try Hi-Fi Rush. You found the idea.

Wanting to make the game available on your favorite platform is completely understandable. What doesn’t make sense is wanting an Xbox exclusive to become a PlayStation exclusive. I really thought we’d left this kind of thinking behind in the console wars of old, but there’s a petition on campaigning for just that: to make Bethesda’s upcoming space epic, Starfield, exclusive to PlayStation 5, and it has an unsettling tone. Number of signatures.

Take a look at the latest Starfield trailer below.

The “Make Starfield Exclusively on PS5” petition has garnered 3,515 signatures out of a target of 5,000, which isn’t a groundbreaking number — and certainly not one that will change Bethesda’s plans — but it’s still troubling when you consider what this petition is trying to accomplish.

If you’re wondering “why doesn’t the petition ask Bethesda to release the game on PlayStation as well as Xbox”, let me explain. Benjamin Dickey, the instigator of the petition, wrote: “For over a decade, Bethesda games have been released on PlayStation. They run better on PlayStation, perform better and sell better. Xbox and especially Phil Spencer have no reason to remove them. Firstly Xbox exclusivity will not only hurt PlayStation, but the player base as well. »

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He continued: “Secondly, Xbox and its 12 dedicated players do not deserve Starfield or any exclusivity. Not only are they arrogant and annoying, they have become annoying since exposure […] Third, the exclusivity is not good for Starfield itself. The question is simple. If it comes out on Xbox it’s a bad game, look at Redfall or Halo Infinite as examples. […] Fourth, I’m always told, “They care about quality now, and Phil Spencer put them off for quality.” I have news for you, the pill dispenser is weak! The guy is in charge of Xbox but doesn’t care enough to check games before they’re released. »

“For all these reasons, it is important that Bethesda games remain available on PlayStation. Not only that, but to ensure high-quality games, all future Bethesda titles must be exclusive to PlayStation. […] We need to get out and protest at GameStops and Walmarts on Starfield’s release date. We need to bring legislation to our local representatives to force Microsoft to comply. We need to go out in droves and prevent people from buying copies on launch day. Better yet, go online and report every video you see praising Starfield so we can make it exclusive to us and only to us. […] If you are a real gamer, you will support this and sign. “Your turn to judge.

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