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The persistent Mars rover had to stop taking rock samples

The Mars Perseverance rover was forced to stop collecting samples, and small pebbles were invited everywhere.

Probe collection of Mars rock samples perseverance Mars I just ran into a problem. NASA stated that the robot must have Stop collecting samples After the debris is partially clogged with the circular width (the component that stores the recovered pieces and passes the sample tubes to the internal processing). The rover encountered this anomaly on December 29, but the mission team decided to wait until January 6 to send a command to extract the drill, separate the robotic arm from the carousel, and take pictures to verify what happened.

The persistent Mars rover had to stop collecting samples

The snags in question would be small pebbles falling out of the tube at the outlet of the drill, precisely preventing these bits from being properly positioned on the carousel. Storage is absolutely vital to NASA if it is to be able to retrieve these samples on Earth.

In any case, this does not mean the end of sample collection. Louise Gandora, NASA/JPL Senior Sample Engineer, explained that the carousel is designed to work with debris. And this isn’t the first time the team has had to clean it up. Louise Jandura has specified that operators will now take all the time necessary to dispose of these stones while respecting established protocols.

Small pebbles are invited everywhere

This isn’t the first time the perseverance chariot has run into problems. The robot failed on its first sample collection attempt and the Ingenuity helicopter encountered a problem during its sixth flight. Meanwhile, all this perfectly illustrates the challenges of this type of task – even a seemingly simple task such as collecting and storing a sample can have many problems. And with Mars so far away from our blue planet, fixes are never easy or certain.

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